Restorative Justice in Schools
Many discussions in education revolve around behavior management and discipline. Different people subscribe to different philosophies, but one that is
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Dr. Melissa Jackson, Regional Education Development Specialist
We’re excited to spotlight Dr. Melissa Jackson, who recently joined our team as a Regional Education Development Specialist. We recently
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Classroom Audio—A Student’s Perception
Studies about the effectiveness of classroom audio systems have been conducted for decades. Research demonstrating the benefits of classroom audio
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Video Review for Video Reflective Practices
Top Ways to Use Cameras in the Classroom
We live in a world where cameras are everywhere, and they have been making their way into the classroom. Students
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Teacher giving feedback to students
Growth Mindset—What is it and how is it beneficial?
Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset—are these familiar terms? The concepts and their effects on learning have been an object of
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Focus and Mindfulness through deep breathing
5 Tips for Maintaining Focus in a Busy World
With so many differences between us, there is one commonality everyone shares—busy lives. There are numerous demands on our time
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little robot
Integrating Coding and Robotics in Schools
Educators are always looking for the best way to educate students and help them succeed. They innovate and look to
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classroom funding and grants can provide classroom supplies
The Many Ways Teachers Fund Classrooms
There are so many things competing for today’s education budgets that it can seem impossible to stretch funds far enough.
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Integrating Audio Systems in Modern Classrooms
Classroom audio systems offer many benefits to schools. They have been shown to positively affect student achievement and engagement, as
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Project-Based Learning—How it benefits students
We’ve been reading a lot about project-based learning (PBL) and felt it would be beneficial to understand it better, so
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