Employee Spotlight: Patrick Sobak, Territory Sales Rep Patrick Sobak spent 13 years working as an educator and with educators before
Video Review for Video Reflective Practices
Video Reflective Practices Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall to get a clear picture of
Lineup of students representing student voice
5 Ways to Encourage Student Voice Young people possess a unique perspective on the world that can enlighten adults. These
building blocks
Makerspaces 101 Students today face a future with new challenges and opportunities that are hard to predict and anticipate. As
Students working in a classroom
5 Behavior Management Tips for the Classroom Students misbehaving can interrupt learning and frustrate teachers, yet it occurs daily. Teachers
Spotlight School—South Lake Elementary At Audio Enhancement, we value our relationships with educators. We also strive to develop solutions that
Students collaborating
3 Ways to Nurture Student Leadership Leadership skills are highly sought after by employers today, so it’s only fitting that
STEM and STEAM: What's the difference? The National Science Teachers Associates defines STEM education as an “interdisciplinary approach to learning
Professional Learning Community
The "Why?" Behind Professional Learning Communities "The three words explain the concept: Professionals coming together in a group—a community—to learn."
student working in flexible seating classroom
Making Flexible Seating Possible Flexible seating in classrooms has been growing in popularity. Many teachers have tried it out and