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EPIC System (Education Paging & Intercom Communications)® gives access to all of the top of the line functions needed every day to efficiently operate a modern K-12 campus. School bells are a critical function for a campus, and EPIC System provides a flexible and easy-to-use bell scheduling tool and zone creation. It has never been easier to communicate with the entire campus or directly communicate to a specific location using directed 2-way intercom and emergency notifications. The interactive campus map provides situational awareness for all communications and urgent situations.


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Compatible with classroom audio, classroom video, school safety, and ip school intercom system

EPIC System (Education Paging & Intercom Communications)® is a foundational solution built specifically for Education. EPIC System provides an inside look into campuses leveraging an interactive platform accessible via a web browser and mobile app. Using EPIC System to intercom, page, and create customizable notifications/bells, faculty can make changes on the fly minimizing campus interruptions. With EPIC System, campuses are empowered to adapt to the ever-changing educational environment.

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Full-duplex audio, hands-free intercom between admin and any classroom

Paging Zones for Education Paging and Intercom Communcations IP Bells System


Schedule announcements to only play in select classrooms or hallways

Custom MP3 Bells


Authorized personnel may set up customized bell schedules and prerecord audio alerts


Broadcast alerts and events school-wide or to select classrooms through the robust visual messaging system


EPIC System Kiosk


The EPIC System Kiosk Touch Screen is a 24” (23.6” viewable), full HD multi-touch display that includes a compact computing device specifically designed to power the front-end interactions of  EPIC System. With a SuperClear® IPS panel and 10-point projected capacitive touch technology, this durable display allows users to tap, swipe, pinch, and zoom with ease.


InfoView Display

The InfoView Display is a display device specifically designed for the K-12 campus. With a PoE powered 24” Full HD display, the InfoView Display offers greatly increased flexibility with location and positioning. 

InfoView Display Interface

The InfoView Display Interface is a cutting-edge network adapter designed to seamlessly connect a display with the InfoView module integrated within the EPIC System™ Platform. 

Network Device


The EPIC Appliance a fully integrated headend network device specifically designed to keep all the functions of EPIC System running smoothly.


SAFE System

SAFE System

SAFE System (Signal Alert For Education)® is an alert notification system designed to work with Audio Enhancement's classroom systems. Using the built-in alert button on the transmitter, a teacher wearing their microphone can discreetly send a signal for help.


VIEWpath Video

VIEWpath (Video Interactive Education Window)® is a professional development platform designed to help teachers evaluate performance, engagement and content in their lessons.

Classroom Audio

Classroom Audio

Learning begins with hearing. That's why Audio Enhancement pioneered the wireless microphone system for learning environments. The microphone distributes the teacher's natural voice throughout the room, so that every student can hear better.