Making Classroom Video More Efficient with Lecture Capture

Making Classroom Video More Efficient with Lecture Capture

At Audio Enhancement, Inc. we work hard to make learning more effective through innovative technology. With VIEWpath, educators can record, store, and share video and audio content through SAFARI Montage. Lecture Capture, the latest technology from SAFARI Montage, allows teachers to not only record their lesson, but to simultaneously record their desktop screen, where they could be showing presentations or content that go along with the lecture.

Lecture Capture revolutionizes classroom recordings, because educators can now record a lecture in its entirety and play back the desktop and classroom recordings simultaneously with varied views:

  • Picture in Picture: View both recordings simultaneously, with one view being displayed as a smaller picture inside the larger one

  • Side by Side: View both recordings simultaneously, side by side

  • Full Screen: Choose between the lecture or desktop recording to view in full screen

These different views allow the observer, whether it be a teacher, coach, student, or parent to choose exactly what they want to glean from the lecture.

Alone, just a recording of the teacher or just a presentation are pieces of the puzzle, but together, viewers can receive the whole classroom experience. Teachers and administrators can use Lecture Capture to provide a complete picture for mentor/peer coaching, professional development, self-evaluation, blended learning, and flipped classroom.

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