Our Story


Old photo of Classroom Audio

In 1978, Claudia Anderson needed a solution to an important problem: her two hard-of-hearing sons couldn’t hear their teachers. She wanted to maximize their learning and give them every educational opportunity they deserved. She designed a sound system for their classrooms, since a product was not available on the market at the time. What started out as an effort to help her own children quickly became something much bigger. 

As teachers used Audio Enhancement systems, they found that all students performed better with sound amplification. Scientific research has proven what those teachers discovered:

when students can hear better, they learn better.

Family Photo of Anderson Family

40 years later, Audio Enhancement has continued to develop industry-leading products that focus on the same goal that Claudia had from the start: maximize learning for every student. We're passionate about making classrooms more effective and giving every child the learning opportunities they deserve. 

Today, Audio Enhancement continues to be owned and operated by the Anderson Family.