The Evolution of the Teacher Mic

The Evolution of the Teacher Mic

Audio Enhancement has been creating more effective classrooms for over 40 years. At the forefront of innovation, we have developed and refined generations of classroom microphones. Our Teacher Microphones are designed for educators, and each one is more suited to meet teachers’ needs than the last.

Here are some of our latest Teacher Microphones:

In 1999, Audio Enhancement’s Teacher Microphone was the world’s smallest and strongest two-channel wireless infrared transmitter of its time.

In 2006, the teardrop microphone shape was introduced along with a revolutionary new remote control feature: teachers could now control the volume of their microphone, the student microphone, and the auxiliary input.

Introduced in 2009, today’s IR Teacher Microphone is lightweight, durable, smaller than ever, and features an alert button for the SAFE System, alerting first-responders of any emergency.

Audio Enhancement introduced XD Technology in 2015. The XD Teacher Microphone is ideal for any classroom space, even classrooms with windows or large open areas. It is compact, sleek, and delivers the same high-quality audio you have come to expect from earlier microphones.

From radio frequencies to infrared and XD Technology, Audio Enhancement is constantly striving to improve the experience of the teachers and students who use our products. Because of you, we can keep refining the classroom experience. Thank you for 40 years.

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