VIEWpath System

Audio Enhancement brings you a complete solution for professional development with VIEWpath® (Video Interactive Education Window). It’s simpler than ever to record, reflect, and collaborate on your lessons. VIEWpath powered by TORSH provides the highest quality feedback by pairing it with video evidence. When paired with the desktop recording, VIEWpath captures the full lecture, both content and environment.

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Navigating and utilizing the features of VIEWpath is simple thanks to an intuitive user interface.

Schedule recordings that align with critical lessons throughout the day for later review. This practice provides increased self-reflection and collaboration to positively change the professional development process for teachers and coaches.  

Change the way you provide and receive peer reviews and instructional coaching with time-stamped comments on recorded lessons. Improve teaching and student comprehension. 

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The EduCam360® allows educators to see the entire classroom in high-definition 4K. The camera is completely controlled by the teacher, giving them the ability to change the view to a full 360° panoramic, two 180° panoramas, four individual 90° or a simple single stream. The camera also offers a privacy lens, to protect the classroom's privacy. 

The VIEWpath Appliance is a fully integrated headend network device specifically designed to store recordings and upload directly to the cloud.  

Specs coming soon.

SAFE System


The SAFE (Signal Alert For Education) System™ is a notification system designed to work in junction with Audio Enhancement's Teacher Microphones. Using the built-in button on the microphone, a teacher can discreetly send a signal for help to office staff from anywhere in the building. 

EPIC System


The EPIC (Education Paging and Intercom Communications) System™ is an all-in-one school communication software. With the ability to change bell schedules on the fly, page any room, control anything with RS-232 ports and more, EPIC System is the powerhouse of front office technology.

Classroom Audio


Learning begins with hearing. That' why Audio Enhancement, Inc. pioneered the wireless microphone system for learning environments. The microphone distributes the teacher's natural voice throughout the room, so that every student can hear better.