COVID-19 Update

We’re here to help through the obstacles Coronavirus has brought to education across America. We are open and working hard to safely provide solutions to educators and students during these unprecedented times.  Click here for our Equipment Sanitizing Guide

Audio, Video, Safety, Intercom Paging and Bells solutions working together
All Audio, Video, Safety, Intercom Paging and Bells solutions working together in a school environment


  • Full integration with select Audio Enhancement classroom systems
  • Built-in alert button on the teacher microphone to send a discreet signal for help
  • Send alerts to network for prompt, appropriate response to any situation


  • Remote and blended learning create, manage, and deliver a  library of easily searchable content 
  • Easy record schedule recordings in advance or press Record on the teacher microphone 
  • VIEWpath Live deliver content to both students in the classroom, and those that are remote 


  • Teachers have less vocal strain since they no longer need to use their “teacher voice"
  • Reach every student in class with crisp, clear audio
  • Students are more involved during class


  • Campus-wide access
  • Simple two-way communication between classrooms and the front office
  • Intuitive web interface manages bells, messages, and music in the halls


Get all of the solutions of Audio Enhancement in one case with Classroom in a Box. This all encompassing package of Audio, Video, SAFE, and Bells brings your classroom into the next generation of enhanced learning.