New Reseller Account Requirements

Reseller Requirements

Authorized Resellers are required to submit and agree to the “Terms of Sale Agreement”, update their Reseller Agreement annually, and comply with the training certifications listed below. 

Resellers without an approved credit application will need to prepay for orders prior to shipment.

In Support of the Credit Application, and Terms of Sale, The Reseller will also provide the following:

  • Current Financial Statement 
  • Copy of Resale Certificate
  • Business License
  • Limited Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Vendor References

Reseller Responsibilities Include, but are not limited to:

  • Sales and Marketing. The Reseller agrees to use reasonable efforts to market, advertise, and otherwise promote and sell the Audio Enhancement, Inc. products within the approved territory. Audio Enhancement will provide The Reseller with local area marketing support when planned and agreed to, in advance, with the local Sales Representative.
  • Employee Training. The Reseller shall ensure that all employees responsible for the marketing, sales, and technical support of Audio Enhancement products and solutions have appropriate skill, experience and training, to deliver sales and installation services in a competent and professional manner. Relevant training courses are offered periodically by Audio Enhancement, Inc. These includes but are not limited to Reseller Training Courses, and Technical Certification Courses.
  • Installation and Commissioning of Audio Enhancement  product solutions: All solutions that include SAFE System, VIEWpath, or EPIC System.
  • Install Certification: Independent installation of Audio Enhancement solutions requires certification in Level 1 – EPIC Hardware and Installations Training. This certification still requires Commissioning Services be performed by Audio Enhancement.
  • Programming and Commissioning Certification – Independent programming and commissioning of Audio Enhancement solutions requires certification in Level II - EPIC Programming and Commissioning Training. Prerequisite for Level 2 certification is Level 1 certification endorsement from an Audio Enhancement Systems Engineer.
  • Sales Forecast. Periodically, The Reseller will provide Audio Enhancement with forecasting estimates that assist Audio Enhancement in planning inventory and resource planning to better serve The Reseller.

Authorization Statuses

  • Authorized Audio Reseller - Authorized to sell and install Classroom Audio Solutions only.
    Authorized Solutions Reseller - Authorized to sell the Classroom Audio Solutions, EPIC System, SAFE System, and the VIEWpath Solution. This authorization excludes the right to install or commission the EPIC System, SAFE System, or VIEWpath Solution.
    Authorized Integrated Solutions Reseller - Authorized to sell and install the EPIC System, SAFE System, and the VIEWpath Solution. This authorization requires commissioning services to be completed by Audio Enhancement for all EPIC System, SAFE System, and VIEWpath Solutions.
    Certified Reseller - Authorized and certified to sell, design, implement, and commission Classroom Audio Solutions, EPIC System, SAFE System, and the VIEWpath Solution.

Reseller status will be evaluated and approved on a yearly calendar basis with each authorized resellers status expiring each year on December 31.

If you would like to access our Reseller Knowledge Base or are interested in becoming an Audio Enhancement reseller please reach out to:

Melissa Almonrode, National Channel Manager