How does VIEWpath® enhance education?

How does VIEWpath® enhance education?

Our mission at Audio Enhancement is to empower educators to create more effective classrooms. When teachers and administrators tell us what tools they need to do that, we get to work developing it. One example is VIEWpath® (Video Interactive Education Window)—an installed classroom camera that integrates with computer software. Educators use this platform to enhance professional growth and increase learning opportunities for students. Through VIEWpath’s recent redesign, educators have an easy-to-use, intuitive solution for professional development (PD) and content creation.

Five key benefits of VIEWpath for PD

VIEWpath is a complete solution for professional development. From recording lessons to sharing them with a student, PLC, or coach; from editing video to using it in Google Classroom™, VIEWpath helps teachers enhance instruction through personal video.

Teacher Reflection

Video playback lessons to reflect on teaching methods, classroom experience, and student engagement. This increases self-awareness, paving the way for efficient professional growth.


Share video with your team or PLC for collaborative sessions. Evidence-based feedback, along with time-synced text and audio notes, increases effectiveness.

Best Practices

Create a video exemplars library to demonstrate best practices in action. Share with teachers, instructional coaches, and others.


Capture authentic teaching moments and classroom behavior when they won’t be affected by the presence of a visitor. Facilitate remote coaching opportunities.

Inter-rater Reliability

Clarify standards to ensure all coaching and evaluations are assessed equally. Review coaching on video submissions to ensure accurate, quality feedback.

VIEWpath expands learning with content creation

VIEWpath makes it simple to create digital content for use inside and outside the classroom. Now, learning can happen anytime, anywhere, and by anyone.

  • Share lessons with students who are absent due to extra-curricular activities, suspensions, or being hospital homebound.
  • Prepare lessons to pre-teach concepts for personalized learning, flipped classrooms, and blended learning.
  • Add recordings to your Learning Management System.
  • Easily download recordings and other files to Google Drive™ for easy import into Google Classroom™.
  • Use Lecture Capture to combine camera recording and desktop side by side.

VIEWpath was built with educators and their heavy workload in mind. It’s easy to use, offers multiple recording options, is controlled by teachers, and is simple to share. VIEWpath includes a simple Chrome™ web-based interface with all controls on a single page. An intuitive editing tool enables simple modifying within the platform. Recordings can be scheduled in advanced or started by pressing the REC button on the teacher microphone. You can also now record within the mobile app. As always, teachers control the camera and manage who can view their recordings. Recordings are also easy to share with an individual or a predefined group.

VIEWpath makes it simpler than ever to record, reflect, and collaborate on your lessons. This complete solution for professional development provides tools for educators to enhance the classroom experience for themselves and their students.

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