Classroom Audio—Ensuring every student can hear

Classroom Audio—Ensuring every student can hear

It’s pretty safe to say that, if students can’t hear the lesson, they can’t understand what’s being taught. Whether it’s the teacher or another student speaking, hearing and understanding the speaker is critical to learning. If that’s such an integral part of learning, how do we make sure it’s happening? Through decreasing distracting noise in the classroom and adding sound reinforcement.

Classrooms are noisy places. Even when students are quietly working, you can hear computers humming, clocks ticking, air conditioners thumping, ceiling fans whirring, chairs shifting, feet shuffling, and many other competing sounds. If these sounds are reverberating off linoleum floors and bare walls, the noise level can make it very difficult for students to hear and learn.

This can be helped, in part, by installing carpet or hanging flags or wall-hangings to dampen the sound. Technology not being utilized, like overhead projectors or computers, can be turned off. Teachers can take noisy activities outside to minimize distractions for other classes. All these measures help, but even doing all this can leave a classroom noise level too high for students to easily hear

Adding a classroom audio system resolves this issue by distributing the sounds you want to hear throughout the classroom. A teacher wearing a wireless microphone can use their natural voice and be heard by every student, no matter where they are sitting. During discussions, students can pass a handheld or tossable microphone, ensuring every voice has a chance to be heard.

The side benefits to a classroom audio system are teachers with less vocal fatigue, students gaining confidence to speak in front of the class, and improved communication within a class. When every voice can be heard, we open the door to better understanding.

The benefits to reinforced sound in the classroom are many, but improved learning is one of the top benefits.

Do you have a classroom audio system? How has it benefitted your class?

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