Department Spotlight—Tech Support

Department Spotlight—Tech Support

Tech support can feel like a thankless job—people call when they have a problem, and you don’t often hear about all of the things that are going right. It’s critical work, though. We need people to help us troubleshoot when our tech isn’t doing what we’d like it to.

We found an opportunity to chat with members of our tech support team to gain some insight into their roles and the experience they bring with them to the department.

A variety of experience

Our tech support team has an array of technical experience gained from work and personal interests. They’ve worked with telecommunications and geospatial information systems, computer software, commercial audio, and have years of experience and product training with Audio Enhancement products. Their understanding of the front end of technology and supporting/managing systems on the back end give them a solid background to guide our customers to the most effective use of their equipment.

What do their jobs entail?

Tech Support team members spend their days at Audio Enhancement helping customers get their equipment and solutions set up and working efficiently. If something isn’t functioning as expected, the team is ready to help customers fine-tune their systems and ensure they’re running smoothly, enabling educators to focus on their schools and students and not worry about technology.

What does a typical day look like in Tech Support? Team members start by reviewing any tickets that came in during off hours and reaching out to help troubleshoot the situation. When new calls or emails come in, they work together to manage new requests. With products that include hardware and software, the support needs are varied. Each team member draws on their experience and product training to walk customers through any troubleshooting that needs to happen to ensure their solutions are working optimally.

A temporary shift

Tech support jobs don’t generally involve much travel, but our support team expanded their roles during the COVID-19 pandemic. With schools closed, many educators weren’t in their classrooms using the products and weren’t needing much support, so the team added to their role by helping with system installs. Their in-depth understanding of the solutions and equipment enabled them to jump in and help install products in empty schools. They demonstrated a much-appreciated team spirit during that time.  

Now that they’re back to their usual roles as full-time tech support, the team is enjoying their favorite things about the job—interacting with customers and helping them solve problems. They like the challenge of approaching different situations every day to find optimal solutions.

A message for our customers

We asked our support team if there was anything they’d like to share with our customers. First of all, they said our customers are awesome and they love working with them. They also encouraged our customers to call in whenever possible. As nice and easy as email can be, interacting live with customers is often the fastest way to find answers and come to the best solution.

We’re grateful for the hard work and dedication of our Tech Support team. You can reach them during our business hours at 800.932.3578. They’re ready to help when our customers need it, and they go the extra mile to make sure schools have efficiently working systems every day.

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